CALIGARI anthology proposed cover art

Here's a first look at Harry O. Morris' dustjacket art for THE MADNESS OF DR CALIGARI, coming in Fall 2016. We like it!


The new HPL Poetry CD is finally going into production

After many a stumbling block, we're finally going to have the NEW HPL Poetry CD in hand very soon! Dublin's own Graham Plowman scored all of the poetry for us, in beautiful work featuring almost-exclusively "conventional" instrumentation, in stark contrast to our 20th-Century version's ambient electronic sound. Will Hart's readings are also very oriented to the poetry's rhyme and meter, in contrast to the highly theatrical mode of John Arthur's reading-- all-in-all, it's a great complement to the earlier recording.

We've added the cream of HPL's other Weird Poetry to fill out the CD, including "The Ancient Track" "Nemesis" and "Hallowe'en in a Suburb" among others.

It was wonderful to get permission from the Arfstrom estate to use his HPL portrait for the cover-- unfortunately, Jon died while we were originally negotiating this, which certainly slowed things down.

Last but certainly not least, S.T. Joshi graciously contributed the notes for the 12-page booklet.


FIRST direct eBook from Fedogan and Bremer

While our titles have sometimes been picked up for mass-market distribution (by Ballentine/Random House, Titan Books, and so on) we've never entered that field ourselves... UNTIL NOW.

We still don't have the space for a mass-market paperback. But it's the 21st Century, so we're moving with the times and getting out selected titles as eBooks. STARTING WITH ANA KAI TANGATA!

Check it out at:



Office entrance all Hallows Eve

Entrance of Fedogan and Bremer Offices, 31 Oct 2014


Progress and Products

We're happy to be getting started on John Pelan's collection, DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND, with an expected release date in Spring 2015.

The Limited Editions of SEARCHERS AFTER HORROR and ANA KAI TANGATA are slipping away... if you want one of these elegant signed, slipcased editions, you should buy soon. ANA KAI TAGATA also features an EXCLUSIVE EXTRA STORY and artwork in a chapbook fitted into the slipcase.

Our grand re-release of FUNGI FROM YUGGOTH is finally getting back into motion; we have had problems with the unique new music for the EXTRA LOVECRAFTIAN MUSIC disk.

OVERALL--- exciting to be moving ahead!