An Embarrassment of Riches

 WEIRDER SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH has arrived as PDF "proofs" and proofreading is under way...

AND... PS PUBLISHING, of Hornsea, East Yorkshire, has agreed to carry the Fedogan and Bremer in-print titles....

AND.... S.T. Joshi's Anthology, SEARCHERS AFTER HORROR, has arrived as "raw MS" files...


And then, there were two...

 THE EERIE MR MURPHY deluxe editions are going quickly: only two left now.

Inventory Limiteds

 Doing inventory in January has been a bit gruelling; the "climate control" isn't sufficient to keep the warehouse space warm, and running the laptop in the cold gets your fingers numb.

The interesting items remaining include Limited Editions: Of the older titles, there remain a few copies of 12:01; Frost; Sand Dwellers; and Dark Detectives. WORLDS OF CTHULHU, released just two months ago, still has Limiteds in stock, of course.

Newly re-located, however, are Limiteds of THE EERIE MR MURPHY. These were easy to miss-- because they DO NOT have the originally-planned slipcases. The original supplier "went away," fulfillment fell apart, and the signed Limited, with their fancy endpapers simply landed amongst the Trade Editions, hiding in plain sight. Four copies remain.

Come and get 'em, folks! When they're gone, they're gone.

Things going away, and WORLDS selling

 HOUSE OF THE TOAD found copies-- GONE.


Signed Trade edition copies of WEIRD SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH-- under 30 left.

And there aren't too many of the WORLDS OF CHTHULHU Limiteds left.

Look through the catalogue and the news blog, and decide what you can't live without. The opportunities may not come again!

Internet disconnect-- Maybe it's Sandy?

 To anyone trying to order: it appears that my mail server's not in operation. Whether this is co-incidental, or due to THE STORM, it means I can neither receive nor send email. That means I'm NOT RECEIVING ORDERS at present. I can only await events.