FANDEMONIUM-- Return to conventions

 Fedogan and Bremer hasn't had Convention "presence" in years, and with the death of Philip Rahman, it seemed doubtful that there would be much of that sort of thing in our future.

But.... Here we are in 2012, with folks willing to "split" a vendor table at newer convention sites: at GoddessFest (Boise) last weekend, and FanDemonium (Idaho Center) next.

Vintaged Faery will be showcasing our in-print books, plus some rarities such as signed trade books and the few copies of out-of-print titles we found in our warehouse re-organization. Many thanks to Amanda Fitch for helping out with this effort.

The opportunity to reach out and have our work seen by a new generation gives renewed optimism that F&B will have a bright future. FanDemonium is heavy on CosPlay, gaming, etc, but clearly has a lot of literary horror emphasis as well.

In Press

 The Trade edition of WORLDS OF CTHULHU is now well and truly "in press," with (probably) shipping of review copies in the next six weeks. The slipcases are ordered and should arrive in that same time frame, for the Limited Editions.

The Limitation pages are a little behind that schedule, but the Limited should still make the planned release date of 1st November 2012.

Our Internet difficulties seem (cross your tentacles!) to be in abeyance at last. All things taken together, Fedogan and Bremer Publishing seems to be back on course.

I'm expecting to attend the ARCANA Convention in St. Paul, Minnesota in October, and perhaps I'll see you there!

Internet woes

 Yes, we've been having a siege of problems with our ISP/connection/modem arrangements, so that our internet contact has been very spotty, indeed, for the last few weeks. I hope it's resolved after two more agonizingly-long tech calls with the provider's tech support.

My apologies is this has been a problem for anyone.


 See the new page, MILD CONFUSION. I HAVE started the pre-order list.

Details emerging WORLDS OF CTHULHU

 The details of producing WORLDS OF CTHULHU are falling into place, and the astute browser will note that the book is now listed as a definite Halloween release. We've done our best to keep our prices reasonable, as you can see. The dustjacket shown on the "products" page is a mockup which will NOT exactly match the book as finally published.

While LTD numbers 1, 3, 99, and 100 are TAKEN, the pre-order list is being re-created from Philp's old records from our earlier books.

All of the authors and both artists are committed to the signature pages-- Yes, this will include Kirk and WIlson!