Spring shooting

 I keep discovering that small-press publishing is a stop-and-go business: either you're juggling emails, invoices, shipping, contracts, bids, and proofreading all in one week... or you're waiting on all of the above.

The new Price book is at the "formatting" stage, with all of the art work in digital form, and the (presumably!) "final" text bloc off being subjected to programming magic. The pre-order list for the Limited is slowly assembling. Feel free to email me if you want to order, by the way, at

Meanwhile, the rifle marksmanship season's underway here in Idaho. One match, in Vale Oregon, has been cancelled mid-shooting when the winds got so high that it was breaking off target frames! Two of our first three practice sessions here in Nampa have been cancelled for rain-- and, remember, we're in an irrigated desert here.

I'm going to be out of the office 2nd-6th May, to go camp out in the mountains with two old friends and a cannon. Why not? After all, converting money into noise is one of life's little pleasures...

You Found Us!

 This little surge in sales must mean something... I'm betting it's something Steve Jones blogged somewhere, but I haven't been able to find it.

Especially pleasant is the fact that SAITH THE LORD, available only on this site, accounts for the largest number of copies. It's fun because there are things for sale here that I can't put on a regular Amazon page, and that chapbook is one of them.

I'm so glad that new friends and old are starting to find F&B back in operation! Thanks, everyone.


 The remaining artwork for WORLDS OF CTHULHU has come in, and I'm pretty darned pleased with it. I only wish that there was room in the book for every piece!

The Gahan Wilson dustjacket will be a nice addition to the series of F&B Price-edited books-- his whimsical styling still hits the mark as always.

Tim Kirk's pieces, as he returns to Mythos art, are in his inimitable style and line. He's been doing Hobbits and such for too long, and I'm glad to tempt him back to the Dark Side.

Printers' bids are coming in, and the slipcase issues appear to be solved... keep your fingers crossed.This is the first of the Price collections to have a Limited, and I hope to have a re-built pre-order list before the book comes out.

Meanwhile, we're just trying to get my Father-in-law back out of the hospital....


 Work on WORLDS OF CTHULHU continues to progress. The projected release date of this collection, edited by R.M. Price, is 31 October 2012. 

Tim Kirk has submitted some lovely Inks for the interior, and Gahan Wilson is working on the dust jacket art. Some additional interior pieces will introduce new Artist Cynthia Neal.

There WILL be a signed Limited edition of this one.

And of course, I'm learning (or re-learning) so much so fast that my head hurts.


All in one state

 For the first time in the history of Fedogan and Bremer, ALL of our book stock is in one state. The last two (and a half) pallets will be in Nampa going into our warehouse space tomorrow. This will pave the way to get all of the in-print titles up for sale via Amazon "Seller"-- officially (I think) bringing us into the 21st century market.