Work in progress

 As the late Philip Rahman used to say, "It's so much FUN to be a publishing mogul!"


We spent much of the weekend assembling shelves in the new warehouse space, and running enough wire so we can have light. Thanks to Dawn and Clayton, it's ready for books, although the last of the shelves won't go in for another day.

Today, with arrangements for shipping the Minneapolis stock still pending, we've put the wheels in motion to get some of the titles still stored at the printers' warehouse shipped here, as well.

A few odd copies of this and that, including some of the out-of-print titles, are emerging in the process. There are also some more signed copies of some titles. Check back, because they're going to be up for sale as soon as we have a definitive inventory!

Moving Books

 We've been busy the last couple of days: new warehouse space in Nampa has been secured, and shelving has been purchased for pickup 3rd Dec, all in preparation for the anticipated move of the Minneapolis stock of books to the new home of F&B in Nampa, Idaho.

Negotiations are well along for the third Stephen Jones INNSMOUTH collection, but it seems likely that it will be 2013 before it appears. We are also discussing a Cthulhu collection with R.M.Price.


It remains frustratingly true that most of the places you get to, on the internet, describe F&B as dead... When we're trying to shout as loudly as the Whos "we are here, we are here, we are here!"

First Post

The ArcanaCon in St. Paul (October) marked the memorial Wake for Philip Rahman. I was proud to be able to show photos (yes, we used a digital projector) of Philip from many of our Monster Hunts over nearly a 40-year span, from the dark and mosquito-infested Zumbro expedition, to the fog-shrouded South Nahanni River, to the summit of Mount Shasta, Lake Pepin, and beyond. The wine and malt whisky flowed, tales were told, and songs rang out to the tunes of the Irish Craic band. The Indian food from Gandhi Mahal was glorious, and the hour grew very late, as you might expect.

We also started negotiations with Alan Servoss for artwork for the proposed collection of Philip's fiction, and chatted with Roger Gerberding, Greg Ketter, and many others.

The hard work was two full days laboring over "archives" boxes from Philip's office. Great Cthulhu, what a mess he left us! But we were determined to "hook the electrodes and revive Fedogan and Bremer." (my apologies to Dr. Giki)