Bottled in Blonde

  • Bottled in Blonde

Bottled in Blonde

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NOTE: As of August 2018, only 22 copies remain in print. We DO NOT expect to reprint this title. You've been warned!

Now, don't be confused! "F&B Mystery" is the imprint, but the book is still a genuine Fedogan and Bremer, with the production values which have made us a legend in the book business.

Here is the late Hugh B. Cave’s 3rd Fedogan and Bremer collection, from the author's long and varied writing career in the pulps. These gin-soaked noir stories feature hard-boiled and hard-headed private eye Peter Kane. Private dicks never came any tougher. A mainstay of ‘30s popular  detective magazines, this is the first Kane collection ever.


  • Foreword
  • Introduction, by Don Hutchison
  • "The Late Mr. Smythe"
  • "Hell on Hume Street"
  • "Bottled in Blonde"
  • "The Man Who Looked Sick"
  • "The Screaming Phantom"
  • "The Brand of Kane"
  • "Ding Dong Belle"
  • "The Dead Don’t Swim"
  • "No Place to Hide"

241 pp. Cover art: Jill Bauman

We brought out the book on the occasion of the author’s 90th birthday, and was he ever proud!


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