The Last Pin

  • The Last Pin

The Last Pin

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Even in those far less “politically correct” days when these stories appeared in magazines like Black Mask and Spicy Detective Stories, Howard Wandrei’s stories pushed the envelope. His twisted imagination fills these tales with the nasty twists and bits of gore which infuse Quentin Tarentino’s vision of the pulps. Those editors insisted on rewrites, but Wandrei still got the point across!

This one is an "F&B MYSTERY" title-- but don't be confused! It's just an imprint; the book is a genuine Fedogan and Bremer, with all the quality which that implies.


Editor D.H. Olson had to research Wandrei’s many pseudonyms to find eleven grisly mystery stories. Lavishly illustrated.

TRADE HARDCOVER still available: $29.00 

(our odd little Limited is long gone, but look elsewhere in the catalog to find SAITH THE LORD, which is the paperback added material which came with the limited!)