WORLDS OF CTHULHU deluxe Limited

  • WORLDS OF CTHULHU deluxe Limited

WORLDS OF CTHULHU deluxe Limited

$1,000,000.00 USD

Hardcover Deluxe Limited Edition; only 100 produced for sale,  SORRY, SOLD OUT FROM FEDOGAN AND BREMER!. Bordered signature page bears ALL of the authors,' the Editor's, and artists'! Hand-fitted slipcase matches the book-- an F&B tradition from our earliest days and still a great way to protect your valued book. 

Editor Price has reached into his vast trove of tales to select these sequels, prequels, and sidesteps reflecting Lovecraft's themes and locales. He introduces the book as a whole, as well as each story.

CONTENTS: Familiar Haunts (introduction) by R.M. Price

There Are Kings by Richard A. Lupoff

Envy, the Gardens of Ynath, and the Sin of Cain by Darrell Schweitzer

The Arcade by Will Murray

The Chaos Blade by Adrian Cole

Evacuation Day by Will Murray

The Statement of Frank Elwood by Pete Rawlik

The Testament of Alexander Fletcher by K.M. Tonso

The Serpents of Tenoka by Ron Shiflet

The Journal of Thomas Gedney by Pete Rawlik

The Tower of Mormoroth by Gary Myers

The Signal Station by Rafe McGregor

258 pages. Endpapers and borders by Tim Kirk. Dustjacket by Gahan Wilson