WORLDS OF CTHULHU Table of Contents

WORLDS OF CTHULHU Table of Contents

 WORLDS OF CTHULHU is edited by R.M. Price, who introduces the book as a whole, and each story as well.

His INTRODUCTION is entitled Familiar Haunts


There Are Kings-- Richard Lupoff

Envy, The Gardens of Ynath, and the Sin of Cain-- Darrell Schweitzer

The Arcade-- Will Murray

The Chaos Blade-- Adrian Cole

Evacuation Day-- Will Murray

The Statement of Frank Elwood-- Pete Rawlik

The Testament of Alexander Fletcher-- K.M. Tonso

The Serpents of Tenoka-- Ron Shiflet

The Journal of Thomas Gedney-- Pete Rawlik

The Tower of Mormoroth-- Gary Myers

The Signal Station-- Rafe McGregor