About Us

About Us

   EMAIL is fedogan@millenicom.com

PHONE is 208-467-5155

Founded as a handshake partnership over 30 years ago, Fedogan and Bremer took years to accumulate enough capital (and free time!) to start production. Our first commercial output was H.P.Lovecraft's Fungi From Yuggoth, with actor John Arthur hired for the exhausting series of readings in 1987. Minneapolis composer Mike Olson was commissioned to do the eerie, ethereal electronic music; a  score which subsequently won the Minnesota Music Award. The cassette tape sold steadily until it was replaced with the re-mastered digital CD, In 2016, we reissued a deluxe, two-disk set including the FIRST EVER recording of Farnese's settings for two of the sonnets-- the only music Lovecraft ever approved for his poetry-- followed by a NEW reading, by Will Hart, of much more of HPL's poetry, with a Graham Plowman score. Fungi From Yuggoth, produced with the permission of Arkham House, has the odd distinction of being the only F&B product overtly pirated!

    We went into publishing because of Senior Partner Philip Rahman's acquaintance with Arkham co-founder Donald Wandrei. When the two met, both Donald and Howard Wandrei's fiction rights were in legal limbo in the court battle after the death of August Derleth. F&B was determined that the Wandrei brothers' work would not be allowed to vanish. After Don's death, we started with COLOSSUS, a collection of his Science FIction originally announced by Arkham years earlier, but understandably not pursued by the Derleth heirs. We followed with DON'T DREAM, the fantastic horror stories. DEAD TITANS WAKEN, almost ready for our publication, was lost due to Philip's increasing disability: by the time of his death, Centipede Press had the rights... But their small run of hardcovers soon sold out-- so in 2017 we re-released the book, in trade paperback.

    We brought Howard's Fantasy/Horror to modern attention with TIME BURIAL and THE EERIE MR, MURPHY, and his dark crime stories (informed by his own thrill-addicted youth and prison time) with THE LAST PIN, complemented by the chapbook SAITH THE LORD. Reprints of the out-of-print Wandrei books were re-released as trade paperbacks in 2017. 

    Our hardcovers are sewn-signature, acid-free volumes for a simple reason: nobody can afford vellum any more! We set out to rescue this literature from oblivion, and so we chose the most durable format we could provide.

    The rest is history: You can find our love of good, old-fashioned tales throughout this site.

    We owe a great debt to talented editors, particularly R.M.Price, Stephen Jones, S.T. Joshi, and Dwayne Olson, as we've published Lovecraftian tales long-lost or obscure, along with new and brilliant. Our gracious authors contributions speak for themselves.


     Starting with the truly weird THE MADNESS OF DR CALIGARI (Joe Pulver, ed) we've added Trade Paperback Editions of selected volumes.

      And then, there's a collection of the work of Philip J Rahman... who no longer can object to "self publication."

     After that--- stay tuned!

     The Fedogan and Bremer Publishing team is Dennis and Dawn Weiler, and Dwayne Olson. We look forward to bringing you reading pleasure for years to come.