Fedogan and Bremer updates status of upcoming releases.

UPDATE F&B Projects

Just a little status update:

Scott Nicolay's collection will be entitled ANA KAI TANGATA, rather than "Tuckahoe." Both are stories included, but ANA KAI TANGATA seemed in better keeping both with the David Verba artwork, and the overall thrust of the stories.

WEIRDER SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH has gone to the printer's! While the Signature pages for the Deluxe Limited are (again!) being circulated to the authors, the TRADE edition seems guaranteed now.

SEARCHERS AFTER HORROR is here as a completed text bloc; edits/corrections etc. are under way.

And..... a Deluxe re-issue of our original landmark audio production of H.P. Lovecraft's "Fungi From Yuggoth" is in the works. Release date to be determined, audio recordings happening already!