Out of Print titles and odd items

Out of Print titles and odd items

 We finally have completed a "real" inventory, now that all of the Minneapolis stock has arrived at the new space in Nampa.

Call or email for the following FOUND ITEMS:

 LIMITEDS (signed, slipcased):                                            OUT-OF-PRINT Trades--   a few each:

FROST-- 6 copies                                                                 VAMPIRE STORIES OF R. CHETWYND-HAYES 

BEFORE... 12:01... AND AFTER-- 3 copies                         COVEN OF VAMPIRES                           THE DOOR BELOW            

DARK DETECTIVES-- 1 copy                                                SMOKE OF THE SNAKE                THE RECOLLECTIONS OF SOLAR PONS

THE SAND DWELLERS--4 copies                                         HOUSE OF THE TOAD

........ ALL available at the original retail prices!

We have some  copies of WEIRD SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH, signed by Steve Jones and Michael Smith. These are TRADE EDITIONS, signed at the World Fantasy Convention in San Diego in Oct. 2011. 

A few of the paperback SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH (Ballentine/Del Rey) are also here, SIGNED by Steve... AND there are even a few of the FIRST PRINTING hardback SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH.

We'll need the warehouse space! There aren't enough copies to justify "pages"

Email at fedogan@millenicom.com, or call me at 208-880-7690.