Warehouse moving and DEAD TITANS

Warehouse moving and DEAD TITANS

 FINALLY-- the first pallet of books from the printer's warehouse arrived today, so the Nampa warehouse is starting to fill. All of the remaining copies of SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH, WHISPERS IN THE NIGHT, and BOTTLED IN BLONDE are here now. It is worth noting that NONE of the titles will be reprinted, as copyrights have reverted, so "when they're gone, they're gone."

I see that DEAD TITANS is drawing some interest on the internet.

Unfortunately, F&B was unable to bring this book out, but it IS NOW AVAILABLE from our colleagues at CENTIPEDE PRESS. It's beautifully done. The "double book" includes Donald Wandrei's mainstream, semi-autobiographical novel INVISIBLE SUN. As a guy who went to college in Minneapolis, I found the book devastatingly real, and recommend it to both Wandrei fans and general readers. Like a lot of the Wandrei brothers' literary output, it was probably a little too hot for the era's editors, but it deserves attention. And of course, S.T. Joshi's scholarly notes are fascinating if you're into the history.


Negotiations are still under way for the third INNSMOUTH collection from Steve Jones.