Before... 12:01... and After

  • Before... 12:01... and After

Before... 12:01... and After

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 Lovecraftian fans will know Richard Lupoff for his sometimes-whimsical mythos stories, but the writer certainly has much more to offer. In fact, a major part of his career has been Science Fiction, Mystery, and other genres.

Richard Lupoff and editor Dennis Weiler reviewed the author’s short fiction spanning the decades, and came up with this selection of the BEST OF retrospective of Richard Lupoff’s output.

A noted fan and conventioneer from his youth, Lupoff has continued his Sci-FI and fantasy output ever since the early ‘50s. The progression of his style and idiom is highlighted in this book. The Lupoff completist may have some of these stories in rotting paperbacks, but EVERY SciFi and fantasy collection must include this durable hardbound collection of the kaleidoscopic Lupoff’s work. Lovecraftiana, odd humor, and original fantasy abound. Bibliography by David Nee.


  • "Foreword: About Dick Lupoff", by Robert Silverberg
  • "Introduction: How I Learned to Read"
  • "Mr. Greene and the Monster"
  • "BOOM!"
  • "Incident in the 14th St. BMT"
  • "After the Dreamtime"
  • "12:01 P.M."
  • "Venus—Ah, Venus!"
  • "With the Evening News"
  • "Saltzman’s Madness"
  • "God of the Naked Unicorn"
  • "Nebogipfel at the End of Time"
  • "Mort in Bed"
  • "Stroka Prospekt"
  • "Two Sort-Of Adventures"
  • "Blinky Henderson Again"
  • "The Digital Wristwatch of Philip K. Dick"
  • "Snow Ghosts"
  • "Triptych"
  • "The House on Rue Chartres"
  • "The Doom That Came to Dunwich"
  • "The Woodstock West Killer"
  • "Easy Living"
  • "Dogwalker"
  • "A Funny Thing Happened..."
  • "A Richard A. Lupoff Bibliography", by Dave Nee

375 pp. Cover and illustrations by George Barr

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