Colossus (Revised 2nd Edition)

  • Colossus (Revised 2nd Edition)

Colossus (Revised 2nd Edition)

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 Fedogan and Bremer's flagship first book, bringing Donald Wandrei's fiction back to the attention of modern readers. Here's the collected Science Fiction of the man who talked the editor of Weird Tales into publishing Call of Cthulhu in 1927. With Einstein's work a new revelation, and radio getting a firm hold on the public, Wandrei's bold adventures filled the pulps with wonder and action in the 1930s.

Donald Wandrei was co-founder of Arkham House, with August Derleth, but after Derleth's death, Wandrei became enmeshed in a lawsuit over rights to the work. As a result, both Donald and Howard Wandrei's writings became unavailable for many years.

Edited by Philip Rahman and Dennis Weiler, the revised second edition contains two additional previously-unpublished stories, compared to the first.




1989 edition

  • Editors’ Note, by Philip J. Rahman
  • Introduction, by Richard L. Tierney
  • "The Red Brain"
  • "The Holiday Act"
  • "Something from Above"
  • "Raiders of the Universes"
  • "A Race Through Time"
  • "Farewell to Earth"
  • "Colossus"
  • "Colossus Eternal"
  • "The Atom-Smasher"
  • "The Blinding Shadows"
  • "Life Current"
  • "The Whisperers"
  • "Murray’s Light"
  • "Earth Minus"
  • "Finality Unlimited"
  • "Infinity Zero"
  • "Black Fog"
  • "The Crystal Bullet"
  • "On the Threshold of Eternity"
  • "A Trip to Infinity"
  • "Requiem for Mankind"
  • Selected Bibliography, by D. H. Olson

stories added for the 1999 edition

  • "If"
  • "A Stranger Passes"

423 pp. Cover Art: Jon Arfstrom. Illustrations: Rodger Gerberding

 Biographic introduction by R.L. Tierney.

You can own the book that established our reputation, and revived Donald Wandrei's, still only $29.