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John Pelan-- longtime editor at Centipede,Publisher at Midnight House, and overall small press guru, has also written assorted pulpy tales himself over the years, published variously in Del Ray Books, Cemetery Dance, The Urbanite, and so on. DARKNESS, MY OLD FRIEND collects eighteen of his finest, introduced by Ramsey Campbell, and illustrated by Pelan's frequent collaborator Allen Koszowski. Ranging from Holmes-Lovecraft and Noir-Lovecraft mashup pastiches to straight horror and beyond, we think you'll find something for every weird mood here!

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INTRODUCTION "Pelan, Prince of Pulp" by Ramsey Campbell

The Sailor Home from the Sea – Originally published in The Urbanite, Spring 2001

An Antique Vintage – Originally published by The Gargadillo Press 1999

Old Songs Waken – Originally published in The Urbanite, Fall 1999

Crazy Little Thing Like Love – Originally published in Acquainted With the Night (Ash-Tree Press 2004)

Lord of the Jungle – Originally published in Enigmatic Tales #9

Twins – Originally published in The Urbanite, Halloween 1998

TV Eye – Originally published in Nasty Piece of Work #10, December, 1998

Memories Are Made of This – Originally published in A Walk on the Darkside (ROC 2004)           

Armies of the Night – Originally published in The Darker Side (ROC 2002)

For Art’s Sake – Originally published in The HWA Presents: Dark Arts (Cemetery Dance 2006)

Homecoming – Originally published in Last Pentacle of the Sun (Arsenal Pulp Press 2004)

Spider – Originally published in Shadows and Silence (Ash-Tree Press) (2000)

An Outsider – Originally published by Delirium Books 2004

Mystery of the Worm – Originally published in Shadows Over Baker Street (Del Rey Books 2003)

Blind Chivvy, Green Door – Original to this collection

Out West – Originally published in Astounding Hero Tales (Hero Games)

Last Stop – Originally published in Lost on the Darkside (ROC 2005)

Curly’s Story – Original to this collection