Dead Titans Waken!

  • Dead Titans Waken!

Dead Titans Waken!

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Two Donald Wandrei novels-- DEAD TITANS is the original MS form which (modified) became THE WEB OF EASTER ISLAND, which arguably was the first "Mythos" novel. INVISIBLE SUN was never published while Don was alive: too racy and avant-garde for the 1930s, it eventually was published by Centipede Press a few years ago. That expensive limited hardcover's out-of-print, but here we've restored the book to the original intent, when we prepared this book back in 2003. INVISIBLE SUN is likely Wandrei's best writing, in a "mainstream" novel which in some ways is surprisingly modern and has a sort of psychologic horror development.

With extensive notes (separated from the texts, so they don't interrupt your read!) by S.T. Joshi, this volume helps to place the works withing the historical context of that part of the pulp era.

This is a big, fulsome softcover book, with both novels written by Arkham House co-founder Donald Wandrei. Over 500 pages, illustrated by Don's friend Rodger Gerberding. Jon Arfstrom cover.

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