Death Stalks the Night

  • Death Stalks the Night

Death Stalks the Night

$27.00 USD

 The prolific Hugh B. Cave wrote in many genres during his long decades of active work. But it was certainly a high point of the pulp era when he dug into Weird Menace tales.

Originally scheduled as a Carcosa release, this collection of 18 short stories and novelettes was nominated for a World Fantasy Award. Edited by Karl Edward Wagner, these stories are loaded with mad villains, scantily-clad beauties, and twisted henchmen... with only our tough, two-fisted heroes standing in the way of their diabolical schemes. The action can't even slow down.

With a forward by the author, and an introduction by Karl Edward Wagner, the book is complimented by interior art by Lee Brown Coye and a weirdly-menacing dust jacket by Alan M. Clark.

Still only $27! How on earth do we do it?