Don't Dream

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Don't Dream

$22.95 USD

This companion volume to our flagship COLOSSUS brings together the horror and fantasy short stories of Donald Wandrei, from the pages of "Weird Tales,"Astounding Stories""Fantasy Magazine," "Argosy," "Esquire" and even some hard-to-find stories from "Minnesota Quarterly" and elsewhere. Introduced by his neighbor, Helen Mary Hughesdon, with a Jon Arfstrom cover, this book is essentially a Trade Paperback reprint of our original hardcover.


“A Fragment of a Dream”

‘The Shadow of a Nightmare”

‘The Green Flame”

“The Tree-Men of M’Bwa”

‘The Lives of Alfred Kramer”

“The Fire Vampires”

“Spawn of the Sea”

“The Lady in Gray”

“The Man Who Never Lived”

“The Nerveless Man”

“The Chuckler”

“A Scientist Divides,”

‘The Destroying Horde”

‘The Monster from Nowhere”

‘The Witch-Makers”

‘The Eye and the Finger”

‘The Painted Mirror”

“Uneasy Lie the Drowned”


“Don’t Dream”

“It Will Grow on You”

“Strange Harvest”


"The Crater”

"The Messengers”

"The Pursuers”

"The Woman at the Window”

Dwayne Olson's essay "Donald Wandrei, August Derleth, and H.P. Lovecraft" is the after word for this volume. It explores little-known facets of the status of the HPL copyrights, in light of the Wandrei lawsuit against the Derleth heirs.

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