Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos

  • Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos

Tales of the Lovecraft Mythos

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Everyone in weird fiction circles knows R.M. Price as an eminent Lovecraftian scholar and critic. 

As editor, Price has done it again, unearthing more eerie stories from his knowledge of pulps, fanzines, and lost manuscripts to produce this new literary exploration of Lovecraft-influenced stories. Comparable to, and extending beyond August Derleth's TALES OF THE CTHULHU MYTHOS, this collection takes us to the roots of some Mythos-tale ideas neglected by the Arkham House founder.  Price's first collection for F&B is definitely an achievement.

When your glue-bound paperback copy's worn out, you'll surely wish you had this durable hardcover original, complete with the Gahan Wilson dust jacket, acid-free paper and tough sewn signatures... so you can still have the book twenty years from now.

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