The Eerie Mr. Murphy

  • The Eerie Mr. Murphy

The Eerie Mr. Murphy

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 Among the writers associated with the Lovecraft crowd during his New York years, Howard Wandrei's work seemed to disappear into oblivion for decades. With this second volume, (edited by Wandrei scholar Dwayne Olson) his Fantasy and Horror stories have risen from the sepulcher of disputed copyrights. 

The companion book to TIME BURIAL (F&B; not currently in print) includes not only previously-published and unpublished tales, but is also richly illustrated with the author's own disturbingly idiosyncratic artwork.

If you've never read any Howard Wandrei stories, you'll be delighted to discover him.

PRICE REDUCED TO HONOR W.H. Pugmire! -- still in the expected F&B quality package.