The Exploits of Solar Pons

  • The Exploits of Solar Pons

The Exploits of Solar Pons

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The character Solar Pons originated with August Derleth, in loving homage to Sherlock Holmes. The energetic Arkham House co-founder wrote in many genres.The Derleth Pons stories were later collected, carefully edited by none other than Basil Copper.

The torch of the story series passed to Basil Copper, and some feel that his Pons stories are far better. There’s something about the flavor—er, flavour of an Englishman’s portrayal of an English detective, that doesn’t always materialize for an American writer, it may be.  

 Copper’s Pons is the real thing. These four previously-unpublished stories are set in a more genteel London, permeated with the sights, sounds, and smells of that city in a golden gaslight age of mystery.

"F&B Mystery" is an imprint of Fedogan and Bremer; the books live up to the same standards of bindings and paper we have always maintained.

Illustrated by Stephanie Hawks.

Only the Trade edition remains, still at a mere $24-- the signed limiteds sold out long ago.