Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth

  • Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth

Weird Shadows Over Innsmouth

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 Fedogan and Bremer proudly offers this "must have" for any serious Lovecraftian!

This second Innsmouth collection from editor Stephen Jones follows where SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH  left off.  Featuring a discarded draft of H.P. Lovecraft's The Shadows Over Innsmouth, here is the next generation of tales exploring chilling "deep ones" imaginings inspired by the Providence genius. Most of these stories were written specifically for this volume.


"Introduction: Weird Shadows..." by Stephen Jones

"Discarded draft of 'The Shadows Over Innsmouth,'" by H.P. Lovecraft

"The quest for Y'ha N'thlei" by John Glasby

"Brackish Waters" by Richard A. Lupoff

"Voices in the water" by Basil Copper

"Another Fish Story" by Kim Newman

"Take me to the river" by Paul McAuley

"The Coming" by Hugh B. Cave

"Eggs" by Steve Rasnic Tem

"From Cabinet 34, Drawer 6," by Caitlin Kiernan

"Raised by the moon," by Ramsey Campbell

"Fair Exchange," by Michael Marshall Smith

"The Taint" by Brian Lumley

"Afterwords: Contributors' Notes

Beautiful Bob Eggleton wraparound dust jacket art; perfectly squishy, creepy interior pieces by A. Servoss, L. Edwards, and R. Broecker.

And as always from F&B, built with low-acid paper and sewn signatures... a solidly made book that will still be intact a hundred years from now.