Internet Server Down!

My ISP is down with problems in a server changeover! I am not getting emails, apparently for the past ?36 hours, and it isn't clear when this will be cleared up (with the US holiday, etc.)--- so, if anyone's been emailing me-- I am NOT ignoring you, I just didn't get it!

PLEASE FEEL FREE TO TEXT at 208-880-7690, or just call.


UK customers-- a reminder!

I notice that I'm getting UK orders-- which is fine, particularly as the LIMITEDS (when we FINALLY get the signature sheets and slipcases!) will get precedence over bookstore orders. BUT-- don't forget that there are already copies of the Trade Edition in the UK, at Pete Crowther's PS Publishing. I'm dead certain that he can do better on shipping than I possibly can manage with individual copies!



The Trade Edition of WEIRDER SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH has arrived here. So far, around 5/8 ton moved into the warehouse, with nearly that much left to heft and tote. Those of you who paid pre-orders should see copies moving through the mails by Monday.

The Deluxe Limited Editions are currently expected to be ready in November.

MEANWHILE, we're hard at work on S.T. Joshi's anthology, SEARCHERS AFTER HORROR, and Scott Nicolay's ANA KAI TANGATA... so stay tuned! The pace of production at Fedogan and Bremer has never been higher!

UPDATE F&B Projects

Just a little status update:

Scott Nicolay's collection will be entitled ANA KAI TANGATA, rather than "Tuckahoe." Both are stories included, but ANA KAI TANGATA seemed in better keeping both with the David Verba artwork, and the overall thrust of the stories.

WEIRDER SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH has gone to the printer's! While the Signature pages for the Deluxe Limited are (again!) being circulated to the authors, the TRADE edition seems guaranteed now.

SEARCHERS AFTER HORROR is here as a completed text bloc; edits/corrections etc. are under way.

And..... a Deluxe re-issue of our original landmark audio production of H.P. Lovecraft's "Fungi From Yuggoth" is in the works. Release date to be determined, audio recordings happening already!


Upcoming titles- updated

 The WEIRDER SHADOWS OVER INNSMOUTH work continues apace; advance reader's (review) copies will come to print, it appears, in June. PS Publishing, of Hornsea, East Yorkshire will be handling the book in the UK. The goal continues to be to have the book released in time for the World Fantasy Convention in November 2013.

The S.T. Joshi-edited anthology SEARCHERS AFTER HORROR has arrived in MS form, so work can begin in preparing this all-star selection.

And we continue to be excited by new Weird Horror writer Scott Nicolay's collection, now being finished. David Verba's artwork will grace this one-- so it will be a "new writer/new artist" experience for Fedogan and Bremer. The title: ANA KAI TANGATA. Look for this one to be in print in 2014!